Group and Private Lessons

Lagarllito’s Garden also offers group and private Spanish language lessons in addition to our pre-scheduled classes. We welcome you to come on your own, create your own Spanish club, come as a family or organize a group from work.


Monday-Friday: 6 – 8pm (subject to availability)

Group Rates:
2 students: $20/hour per student
3-6 students: $17/hour per student


Monday-Friday: 6 – 8pm (subject to availability)

Private Rate: $25/hour

Advantages of Learning Spanish

Spanish is spoken by nearly 400 million people worldwide, making it in the top languages spoken in the world. It is even more prevalent when you consider that about half of the population in the western hemisphere speaks primarily Spanish, making it the first language for as many people as English is in this region of the world.

Within the United States, Spanish is the second most widely spoken language after English.

The advantages of being able to use more than one language are many. At minimum, being bilingual helps one to communicate with a greater number of people. Learning languages also opens your understanding of different cultures and experiences. You may also find more job opportunities or increased pay by being bilingual.

For students, some studies suggest that those who begin a second language study early in Elementary School reach higher achievement levels in English Languages Arts. For many, the ultimate advantage in knowing another language is that it gives a competitive edge in today’s job market.

We believe passionately in these advantages and love to help others in their pursuit of learning the Spanish language.