How to Encourage Your Child to Go Back to School

How to Encourage Your Child to Go Back to School

As a preschool in Pierce County, Washington, we know what it’s like when a child refuses to go to school after the holidays.

Some children experience a condition called school refusal, where they feel deeply distressed at the thought of going back to school. Psychology experts Jade Sheen and Amanda Dudley say that this typically happens after long periods of school absence, like after the holidays or after moving to a new school.

At Lagarllito’s Garden School, it matters to us that children get a wonderful early childhood education experience. If your child refuses to go to school, here are some pieces of advice:

  • Talk About What Makes Them Afraid
    There is no single cause of your child’s refusal. It may be because they are afraid of bullies, they feel pressured to do well, or they are anxious about leaving home again. Validating their feelings helps them cope and encourages them to overcome their fears.
  • Be Clear on What You Want Them to Do
    Avoid making vague threats if they refuse to go to school. Say what you want them to do clearly and why it matters that they do it. Say things like, “I know that you don’t want to be in the classroom again, but it would be good for you to be there.”
  • Reach Out to the People in Charge
    A responsible faculty, like the one we have at our day care center in Pierce County, Washington, would be concerned if your child is not having a great time at school. Don’t hesitate to talk about your little one’s concerns and work with the school staff to resolve them.
  • Seek Professional Help
    Their emotional distress may be a sign of another problem that makes them feel anxious about attending classes. Don’t hesitate to consult a physician or a therapist if you think that your child is feeling unwell.

These pieces of advice are a good start toward getting your little one to go to school once more. To learn how we can give your child a great experience of child education in Pierce County, Washington, feel free to visit us!

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