Fun Activities for Celebrating Navidad

Fun Activities for Celebrating Navidad

If your child goes to a bilingual Spanish preschool in King County, Washington, they’re probably getting into the spirit of the season with everyone else in the country.

In fact, a Pew Research poll revealed that Christmas (Navidad in Spanish) is still one of the most popular holidays in the US, with around 90% of all Americans observing the holiday regardless of background.

What’s great about a school like Lagarllito’s Garden Bilingual Spanish School is that it gives children the opportunity to experience how different cultures celebrate holidays like this one.

Here are some activities that let children celebrate this season the Latino-American way:

  • Singing Villancicos
    Villancicos is Spanish for Christmas carols. This activity lets children practice their skills by introducing them to Spanish versions of their favorite carols and even to original Spanish holiday songs. Examples include El Niño del Tambor (Little Drummer Boy), Noche de Paz (Silent Night), and Campana Sobre Campana (Bell Over Bell).
  • Making Gift Boxes
    Navidad is a great time for any day care center in King County, Washington to have arts and crafts activities. Educators guide students in making little gift boxes that can be used as tokens for gift-giving or decorations at home.
  • Writing Letters to the Three Wise Men
    This may be a familiar activity to some kids who write to Santa Claus. Children are asked to write letters to Los Tres Reyes Magos (The Three Wise Men) to ask for presents. You can take this activity a step further by exchanging and opening gifts on the 6th of January, which is the traditional day of the Wise Men in Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Breaking Piñatas
    This iconic activity is a staple in Mexican fiestas. It is also a great way to top off a Christmas celebration! Children get to learn about the origins of the tradition and how piñatas are made while also having a blast as they try to break one.

Share your ideas about celebrating this season the Latino-American way. If you are looking for a center of child education in King County, Washington, feel free to contact us!

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